? General Secretary - R V Northland Instiut of Management

General Secretary Message

"If the Brain can conceive it, our heart can belive it we know we can achieve it”

That was the vision at the foundation of my dream – a dream to present a sea of opportunities to chisel the professional career of young talented generation – the hope of earnest endeavors. A cut through competition and fast moving economy of the developing countries particularly India have necessitated establishing a institute with a difference by making the curriculum of our programs and its delivery more contemporary to be called as A COMPLETE INSTITUTE. R.V.N.I.M Institute of Management is a giant leap in providing quality education to young students to meet the professional challenges of fast growing industry with its all ups & down. I am sure the unwavering determination, sense of responsibility, commitment, with tireless dedication and team sprit of the bearers of the R.V.N.I.M will raise it higher & higher.

Once again I welcome you to RVNIM!

With regards

Puneet Sharma

General Secretary